Our Story

An Authentic Jewel In The Wilderness

Born from a shared vision, La Torre del Visco’s unique character has evolved over 30 years. With a deep love of Spain, nature, art, food, wine and hospitality, Piers and I left 20 years of publishing in Madrid, to create a dream retreat that celebrates our passions.

Having scoured the country, we finally found a semi-ruined 15th century estate house on a hillside overlooking extensive farmlands, forests and its very own river. Inspired by the stunning location and immense potential, we donned our overalls and were involved in every aspect of the restoration of the house, creation of the romantic gardens and integration of the organic farm.

After Piers’ death in 2013, the incredible team we had gathered together were a vital support for me in moving forward and continuing the daily work we all love so much. Today, La Torre del Visco (the name means mistletoe in the local dialect) is an increasingly shared secret, where we welcome guests from around the world who seek a relaxed and friendly pace of life with unrivalled rural luxury.

Jemma Markham Owner / Maître de Maison

Our Values

From vineyard and farm to table, sustainability is our North Star. We work within the rhythms of nature and she provides us with a cornucopia of produce throughout the year. Our commitment to the ongoing health and well-being of the natural world is an integral part of who we are. We farm organically, celebrate seasonal produce, champion circular gastronomy, recycle at every opportunity and leave a light footprint on the earth that is home to us all.

• All waste from the restaurant and hotel is minimised and recycled within a well-established local process.
• Green waste is turned into compost.
• Our drinking water is filtered onsite.
• We use only refillable glass water bottles, not plastic.
• LED bulbs are used throughout the hotel for energy efficiency.
• LED outdoor lighting points downwards to preserve the integrity of the night sky and the habitat of nocturnal animals.
• We use ozonic water and eco cleaning products for our rooms.
• All the soaps, gels, shampoos and conditioners in our rooms are sourced from a vegan supplier in larger formats, to reduce packaging waste.
• We eschew tablecloths to lighten the laundry load.
• We provide two types of charging systems for electric cars.
• The hotel has a 100% electric vehicle for daily use.

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Slow Food

When we say local we mean it. Our love of great food and seasonal eating is boundless which means we grow, harvest and forage the vast majority of our ingredients right here year-round. Wander through our vegetable plots, greenhouse and herb garden to see what’s flourishing each day - a sneak preview of what will appear on your plate. Anything we don’t nurture here is sourced from trusted local artisans within strict guidelines from the Slow Food Movement of which we are proud members.

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Homegrown Heroes

A selection of signature dishes with seasonal ingredients from our vegetable plots, organic farm and artisan suppliers – this is where it all comes together.

Courgette Flowers:From our organic Vegetable Garden
Red Mulle:From the daily fish auction at Sant Carles de la Ràpita
Red Mullet with
Kohlrabi:From our Vegetable Garden
Oxalis Leaves:From our Greenhouse
Green Apples:From our Neighbor's Trees
Kohlrabi with
Apple & Oxalis
Sirloin of Beef:Raised in transhumance tradition, grazed in the Maestrazgo mountain meadows in summer and by the warm Mediterranean shores in winter
Celeriac Puree:From our Vegetable Garden
Baby Carrot:From our Vegetable Garden
Sorrel Leaves:From our Greenhouse
Sirloin of
Transhumance Beef
Elderflowers:From our Garden
Raspberry Leaves:From our Garden
Cornflower Petals:From our Garden
Cherries with
Elderflower Foam

Our Artisan Producers

Our local producers are true artisans. Deeply rooted in the local traditions of the Matarranya, they maintain and adapt their methods for the 21st century to make products and produce of exceptional quality. They, like us, are committed to excellence through environmental sustainability which is why our relationships are built on total trust.

Transhumance Beef

Carniceria Robres A rancher and butcher all his life, Fernando chooses to work within the ancient, labour-intensive tradition of transhumance. Raising his beloved cattle in complete freedom on mountain pastures in spring and summer he then follows Roman routes through pristine countryside to warm Mediterranean shores for the winter. The care and respect for the welfare of his cows is evident in the incredible quality beef he produces.
Fernando’s<br>Transhumance Beef | Carniceria Robres

Juan Ramon & Yolanda's
Maellana Lamb

Grupo Pastores / ARAMA The quiet commitment of shepherd Juan Ramon and his butcher wife Yolanda, has brought a native breed of sheep back from the brink of extinction. Juan's flock of Maellana sheep graze in the forests and riverbanks of the Matarranya river helping maintain the delicate biodiversity of the area and produce a healthy meat of succulent flavour. At the proposal of La Torre del Visco the Maella lamb is now part of Slow Food´s Ark of Taste.
Juan Ramon & Yolanda's<br>Maellana Lamb | Grupo Pastores / ARAMA

Angels' Breads &
Sweet Treats

Horno de Fuentespalda Follow the irresistible smell of warm bread down a small side street behind the church in Fuentespalda and it will lead you to Angel's bakery. Using only the finest Aragonese flours and native ingredients such as Marcona almonds and local fruits, his traditional oven harks back to a golden age, producing breads, cakes, biscuits and sweets for the whole town and beyond.
Angels' Breads &<br>Sweet Treats | Horno de Fuentespalda

Victor Enrique

"Catxol" Eco Producer Victor Enrique's natural habitat is the earth. A native of La Portellada, just a few kilometers from the Torre, his passion for the natural world is matched by his eco-agriculture skills which produce prized saffron, heritage pulses, wild peas, fruit trees and many more riches. He is also the go-to olive oil expert who leads tours of our groves and tastings. A true original, he embodies the unconfined joy of rural life.
Victor Enrique |

Jose Ramon's
Artisan Cheeses

Freixneda de Cabra A self-taught master, José Ramón produces an exquisite range of prize-winning cheeses from his small cheesery in La Fresneda. Employing a variety of artisan maturation, curing and production methods he crafts the finest Estrel, Capra Crua, Afinat and Cabriola using fresh goats milk from local flocks and herds.
Jose Ramon's<br>Artisan Cheeses | Freixneda de Cabra

Miguel Angel's
Organic Eggs

Huevos la Brizna The home of truly happy, stress-free hens is at La Brizna in the Teruel village of Villel. In addition to ensuring his chickens eat only organic grain and roam free, Migel Angel has built all their facilities using bioconstruction methods and materials - sustainable local pine, clay, straw and plants - while solar power makes the whole operation self-sufficient. And the proof of his positive efforts is undeniable in every clutch – rich in flavour and highly nutritious, these really are golden eggs!
Miguel Angel's<br>Organic Eggs | Huevos la Brizna