29th – 30th September 2018

As summer draws to a close it is a good moment to make changes that will help improve our general level of health and wellbeing (Wellness). According to the World Health Organization, a balanced diet, exercise and managing stress levels are directly responsible for 45% of our state of physical fitness.

In these two workshops Dr. Pilar Luna, a specialist in nutrition, will provide us with guide lines for a balanced diet, dispelling many popularly held erroneous ideas and myths, and show us ways to face the challenges of Autumn and Winter with renewed physical and mental energy.

• The Mediterranean Diet – does it really exist? What it is and what it isn´t. Intelligent diets, sustainable diets
• The place of potatoes and other farinaceous in a healthy diet. Is bread fattening?
• How many proteins per day should my diet contain?
• How to get the balance right between fats and flavour in cooking without putting on weight
• Am I lacking vitamins?
• How much calcium do I need for healthy bones? What natural sources of calcium are there?
• Do “superfoods” really exist?
• Is fasting a good way to lose weight?
• Does wine have a place in a healthy diet?
• How do I create my own balanced diet?

These and other issues will be covered during the sessions on nutrition together with any other concerns that participants may want answers to, in order to improve our eating habits without renouncing the pleasure of delicious, flavourful food.

The theoretical sessions will be complemented by physical exercise and other techniques: Qigong (Chi kung) for a long and healthy life, Mindfulness to help manage the stresses of daily life with a positive attitude.

Qigong: Movements that create energy and contentment

Mindfulness: Our brain is programmed to survive rather than to reflect. We react more often according to our emotions than our reason. To be aware of how the brain works enables us “reprogramme” ourselves to improve our concentration levels and be more efficient and to live in greater harmony with our surroundings thus achieving true quality of life.


Saturday 29th September

08.30h Qigong (Chi kung) in the hotel gardens (1h)

10.30h Workshop I on nutrition (2h)

12:30h Mindfulness session

18.30h Qigong (Chi kung) in the hotel gardens (1h)
At the end of the workshop we will offer you an infusion of fresh herbs and snacks

20:00h Mindfulness session

21:00h Dinner – special “deliciously healthy” menu optional

Sunday 30th September

08.30h Qigong (Chi kung) in the hotel gardens (1h)

10.30h Workshop II on nutrition (2h)

12:30h Mindfulness session

13:30h Lunch – special “deliciously healthy” menu optional

Course leader. Dr. Pilar Luna
• Medical specialist in nutrition, dietary University Nancy, France.
• Qualified yoga teacher – French yoga and Spanish official yoga associations
• Qualified Qigong teacher- Health Qigong Association – Peking University, China

Full documentation of the course content will be available to participants including recipes for the “Deliciously Healthy” dishes of the special menus.

For prices and reservations:
+34 978 76 90 15 – reservas@torredelvisco.com