Shinrin-yoku, Forest bathing – Ikigai – TRE,Tension & Trauma release Exercises, Theory and Practice of Meditation – Connecting with your Inner Being Through your Voice

Friday 13th September to Sunday 15th September

A fascinating weekend programme to provide participants with innovative strategies for managing stress levels, for  increasing  well-being and mindfulness.

Nature shows us that Autumn is the best season for shedding old habits and all but the strictly necessary. It the best moment of the year  to incorporate new routines to improve our general levels of health and well-being both physical and mental, the vitality to perform well at work and enjoy a full personal life throughout the winter.

Our hotel set in a peaceful hidden valley well away  from the world, make it an ideal location  to be in contact with nature, breathe the wonderful unpolluted air, walk through the centuries old olive groves which transmit tranquility, and eat delicious, healthy meals.  The menus both days have been specially designed by Rubén Catalan, chef de La Torre del Visco, in collaboration with a qualified nutrionist. Most of the produce and olive oil comes from our own organic farm which surrounds the hotel. Zero food miles – authentic farm to fork.

We are fortunate to be able to offer you the top professional experts in the field, who have a sound foundation of knowledge of  ancient cultures, such as the Japanese and Chinese, and from this basis , have continously innovated in the fields of emotional health and wellbeing.



Francesc Miralles.Author and journalist specializing in psychology and spirituality, is a regular contributor to El País Semanal (Spanish most important daily newspaper), and RNE (National Spanish Radio). Author of many succesful books, his pioneering essay on Ikigai has topped bestseller lists in the U.S., U.K. and elsewhere in the world. Francesc´s sessions will be on the following:

Shinrin-Yoku – Forest bathing therapy. Since the 1980, scientific studies in Japan have demostrated the curative power of immersing oneself in nature, with benefits to the cardiovascular system, as well as improving our defenses and nurturing serenity. We will practice this healing art in the forest around  La Torre del Visco.

Ikigai. The secrets of ancient Japan to achieve  longevity and happiness, to sustaining motivation and enthusiasm for life thanks to the strength drawn from defining a vital purpose which gives meaning to our existence.



Anna Sólyom. Body therapist, Tension & Trauma release Exercises (TRE)   Biodynamic Craneosacral therapy and Mindfulness instructor, Anna has a degree in philosophy and is the author of  «The Little Course of Everyday Magic »

She will lead a workshop of Tension & Trauma release Exercises (TRE) the revolutionary method of David Berceli to free the body of its accumulated tensions and traumas.



 Gaspar Hernández. Journalist and author whose publications include  « The Woman Who Didn´t Know how to Cry » « The Therapist », « Silence » (winner of the Josep Pla Prize), the essays « I´m not of this World » and « The Art of Good Living ». He is also presenter of the programme « L´Ofici de viure » on Catalunya Radio and TV3.

Gaspar´s workshop is on the Theory and Practice of Meditation, a form of living in the present moment, eliminating  unnecessary stress. and techniques for acheiving a state of « stillness » of conscious presence whilst regulating our emotions.



Anaïs Masllorens. Opera singer and actress. This season she performed in The Gran Theatre Liceu « L´Enigma di Lea » and  « La Fille du Régiment » in Andorra Lírica. A graduate in Dramatic Art from The Institut de Teatre of Barcelona , Anna has taken classes from Montserrat Caballé and Jaume Aragall among others. Currently she combines her work as a Mezzosoprano with voice training.

Connecting with your Inner Being Through Your Voice. In the universe everything emits a vibration. Human beings, like all animals, have the ability to emit sounds naturally, in our case, this means song and singing though society and Western culture has largely lost that ability. The voice is the sound of the soul, the essence of a human being.  ln this workshop  we shall learn how to reconnect with our inner selves.


Programme for the weekend:

Friday 13th September 2019

17 to 20h. –  TRE® – Tension & Trauma release exercises. Workshop lead by Anna Sólyom

Saturday 14th September 2019

11 to 12h. – Shinrin – Yoku (Forest bathing) workshop – Francesc Miralles

13.30h. – Lunch – special « Health and Vitality » menu

17 to 19h. – The Therapy of Song workshop lead by Anaïs Masllorens

Sunday 15th September

11 to 12h. – Ikigai session lead by Francesc Miralles

13.30h. – Lunch – special « Health and Vitality » menu 2

17 to 19h. – Meditation and Emotions workshop lead by Gaspar Hernández


Price per person

1 workshop 25€ – 2 workshops 40€

Full day – 2 workshops plus lunch 75€


For more information and reservation, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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