Programme of activities in October

Saturday 6th – Cookery workshop – 17:30h – 19.30h
Relais Chateaux, in partnership with Slowfood, are joining forces to help combat climate change and to protect biodiversity through gastronomy.  Our food system is responsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions so in October Relais Chateaux has organised a Food for Change Festival with a series of events including farmers markets, sustainable menus and cookery classes, to raise awareness of this problem.

Saturday 13th  – Star gazing session – 22:30h
With our expert guide and powerful telescope, you will be able observe a number of stars and constellations with extraordinary clarity including the Orion Nebula in the Milky Way, one of the brightest nebulae in the Autumn sky. Located 1,344 ± 20 light years away it is one of the most intensely studied celestial features, revealing much about the process of how stars and planetary systems are formed.

Saturday 20th – Cookery workshop “Wild mushrooms”
The wild mushroom season is now under way and the best way to differentiate and appreciate their wonderful subtle flavour is handling them in the kitchen. In this 2 hour workshop our Chef, Rubén Catalan, an expert forager of the countryside around us himself, will demonstrate how best to clean, keep fresh and cook each different variety.

Saturday 27th – A day with the great Alsacienne chef, Jean Louis Neichel – 2 Michelin Stars
For those who miss the superb cuisine of his legendary Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona or for those who never had the privilege of trying it:
17:00- 19.30h  –  Cookery workshop: Game dishes
21:00h –  “Four Hands Dinner” – a special menu prepared by Jean Louis Neichel and Rubén Catalán