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Since 2015  La Torre del Visco has been recognized by the Starlight  Foundation for our on-going commitment to minimizing light pollution at our hotel and organic home farm in the Tastavins valley. We are conscious that to care for our «dark skies » is to care for our local wildlife too.

Have you ever stopped to think that we are the first generation of homo sapiens that no longer observes the sky in our daily lives ?





The crystal-clear, star-filled night skies of Teruel are spectacular at all times of year. There are very few areas left in Europe that are so totally free of light pollution and yet so accessible. La Torre del Visco´s priviledged position overlooking a remote, beautiful river valley untouched by man, makes it an ideal location for astrotourism.

Since the beginning of time, our ancestors have watched the night sky, amazed at its immensity and dynamism, and even found thereby the way to measure time.


All our workshops are guided by an astronomical qualified monitor by the Starlight Foundation – Observations are made with our telescope from the Observation Point

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