(Preserving – and conserving – the best of our local food products : the concept of circular gastronomy)

For us, this means choosing the very best produce of our land, whether cultivated or wild, fruit or vegetables, meat which comes from well cared for animals and organic seeds, in order to conserve them slowly, constantly and respectfully.

Confitando Territorio

On the 3rd, 4th and 5th of April, chefs, grape growers, artisans, farmers, shepherds and journalists will gather at La Torre del Visco to share and explore different projects with one philosophy : the positive impact of circular gastronomy.

The protagonists will fill the intense programme with accounts of their own projects and experiences during round tables , seminars, diverse activities and tastings. We trust that these events will encourage more initiatives , reactivating the rural environment both economically and socially.

The following are the main guests of the meeting:

  • Ricard Camarena (Ricard Camarena restaurant in Valencia). Two Michelín stars, a green star and three repsol suns
  • Raúl Igual (Yain restaurant in Teruel): The best sommelier in España of 2020 in the IWC Merchant Awards and professor at the Hospitality School of Teruel
  • Fernando Robles. owner of the organic cattle ranch that carries out transhumance between the province of Teruel and Castellón
  • Carmen Ferrer. Viticulturist in charge of the family wunery Bárbara forés Do Terra Alta
  • Rosalía Molina. Winemaker at Bodega Alto landon Landete (Cuenca). Pioneer in the introduction of acclimatized varieties: Malbec and Cabernet Franc
  • Patricia Sola. Bromatologist and gastronomic promoter. Collaborator of Gastro Aragón and different radio programs
  • Amador Sánchez. Cheese expert. Regular collaborator of La Rinconada de Quesos, Zaragoza
  • Pepe Raventós. Viticulturist, Raventós i Blanc. Creator of the wines from Conca del Riu Anoia in Penedès, including natural wines from Mas de Serral
  • Bernd Knöller (Riff restaurant in Valencia). Two Michelín stars and two Repsol suns
  • Marta Fernández – OBELLAS.  Sheep wool artisan. He teaches workshops to creatively take advantage of this natural resource
  • Jorge Guitián. Food journalist. Collaborator in La Vanguardia, TVE, Bonviveur
  • Tomás Rodríguez . Director of the Interprofessional Organization for Sheep and Goats (INTEROVIC)
  • Alfredo Maluenda.  Food journalist. Responsible for the gastronomic section of Herlado de Aragón
  • Alexandra Sumasi. Food journalist. Collaborator in 7 Caníbales, The magazine of the Club de Gourmets
  • Miguel Barrera (Cal Paradís restaurant of La Vall d´Alba in Castellón). a Michelin star and two Repsol Suns.
  • Víctor Enrique Vidal. Ecological farmer from Matarranya, promoter of the recovery of autochthonous seeds from the Red de Semillas de Aragón
  • José Barea. Photographer of the Bestiarium project, Spanich animal breeds. A part of the  exhibition on sheep breeds can be visited at La torre del Visco during the meeting
  • Sara Pérez. Oenologist and viticulturist from priorat at Mas Marinet and Venus La Universal wineries
  • Eduard Susanna. Maker of EVOO Mas de Flandi in Matarraña
  • Cristina Mallor. Head of the CITA Seed Bank (Aragón Council)
  • Eva Defior. Director of the La Comarca Comunication Group


Event schedule.

Sunday 3rd April

12h  Opening event

12h30  Round Table

Circular Gastronomy and making best use of the environment


Ricard Camarena (Chef)

Raúl Igual ( Sommelier)

Fernando Robles ( Sheep farmer )

Carmen Ferrer ( Bárbara Forés, D.O. Terra Alta Winery)

Rosalia Molina ( Grape grower from Cuenca)

Moderator : Patricia Sola

14h  Lunch Ricard Camarena

18h  Walk in the country. Cheese tasting accompanied by complementary wines in the San Pere Martyr Hermitage, led by Amador Sánchez and Raúl Igual

cosecha aceitunas ecológicas



10H Round Table

Cultivating respect for Nature

Participants :

Pep Raventos ( grape grower)

Bernd Knöller ( Chef)

Marta Fernández ( Artisan specialising in the use of  sheep´s wool)

Jorge Guitián ( Bonviveur , TVE)

Tomás Rodriguez (INTEROVIC)

Alfredo Maluenda ( Heraldo de Aragón)

Moderator : Alejandra Sumasi

12h30  Workshop. Handicraft ideas using  sheep´s wool.

14h  Lunch   Bernd Knöller

16h    Visit to Bestiarium Ovino exhibition

20h     Dinner Rubén Catalan – Maellana breed Lamb tasting



10h30  Round Table


Participants :

Miguel Barrera ( Chef)

Victor Enrique Vidal (organic Farmer)

José Barea (Bestiarium photographer)

Sara Pérez (Priorat grape grower)

Eduard Susanna ( Mas de Flandi AOVE)

Cristina Mallor (CITA seed bank)

Moderator : Eva Defior

14h  Lunch Miguel Barrera

16h  Plenary

Restaurante El Visco en el Matarranya Matarraña

Although it is the first edition, it is intended to give continuity with later editions, since the subject to be treated is extensive