The crystal-clear star-filled night skies of Teruel are spectacular at all times of year. There are very few areas left in Europe that are so totally free of light pollution and yet so accessible.

Since 2015 La Torre del Visco has been recognized by the Starlight  Foundation for our on-going commitment to minimizing light pollution at our hotel and home farm in the Tastavins valley. We are conscious that to care for our dark skies is to care for our local wildlife. That´s why we invite you to join us on a journey through the universe !

With our specialized telescope we are able to observe all the celestial objects within range both within our solar system and beyond. We will discuss the mythology and the curiosities of our galactic neighborhood. Depending on the brightness of the moon, we offer two different stargazing workshops :

Stars watching 

With the help of our  knowledgeable guide and powerful telescope we will observe objects in our solar system ; the Milky Way, nebulae, other galaxies, constellations and everything visible given the atmospheric conditions that night.


Moon watching
In this guided workshop, we will observe the details of the lunar seas, craters, volcanic activity and meteor impacts. We will also discuss the origins of and reveal some curious  facts about the moon, our satelite.

Each workshop will be a 90 minutes (approx.) guided journey where you will also be able to learn techniques to surprise yourself, friends and family with your own astro-photographic creativity.

We hope you decide to participate and join us on a journey through the universe.
Please, do not hesitate to contact us.